The Arseth 360

The Arseth 360 differs from other 360-degree assessments in its ability to clarify and dig deeper to provide specific, actionable feedback via The Arseth 360 interview process. This helps a person or team come to the level of self-awareness necessary to motivate a change in behavior.

360-degree assessments are confidential, anonymous instruments designed to gather feedback and insights from an employee’s peers, direct reports, and supervisors and traditionally measure behaviors and competencies.

The Purpose of The Arseth 360

The purpose of the 360 assessment is to create awareness of how a person or team is perceived in terms of strengths and weaknesses. From there, a development plan can be created.

There are many online tools and companies that provide 360-degree and multi-rater assessments. While useful, the challenge with these tools is that they can lack the clarity and specificity needed to identify limiting behaviors, the context behind perceptions, and the opportunity to provide specific recommendations for improvement.

While online multi-rater 360 assessments focus on skills and behaviors and provide feedback via a rating format, The Arseth 360 doesn’t ask about specific behaviors such as communication. Instead, it asks very open-ended questions including what the leader does well and what they can do to be more effective. What results is specific feedback on the perceptions others have about a leader’s skills and behavior, and his or her effectiveness in the role and culture.

Other assessments may be recommended including the Hogan suite of products (Hogan 360, Hogan Leadership Assessments, and Hogan Team Assessments) as well as others, depending on the circumstance and desired outcomes.

The Arseth 360 Comparison

The following illustration highlights the differences in feedback between an online multi-rater assessment about a participant’s communication and interpersonal skills and specific feedback from The Arseth 360.

Online 360
survey category
Feedback participant receives from online 360 survey
The Arseth 360 feedback
Fosters open communication
  • Self: 4.40

  • Average: 4.20

  • Boss A: 4.60

  • Boss B: 4.00

  • Dir Report: 4.00

  • Peers: 4.40

  • Other: 4.10

He is skilled at both public and interpersonal communication. He is articulate―able to speak clearly and confidently to groups.

  • He adapts his format and style to the audience.
  • He is willing to ask the hard questions that others think but don’t ask.
  • He sets others at ease, inviting them into dialogue.

He excels at negotiation.

  • His calm demeanor allows him to diffuse tension and conflict.
  • He is level-headed and doesn’t over-react.
Encourages others to express their views, even contrary ones
  • Self: 5.00

  • Average: 4.13

  • Boss A: 4.00

  • Boss B: 3.00

  • Dir Report: 3.50

  • Peers: 5.00

  • Other: 4.50

  • He appears compelled to convince others his way is best.
  • His opinion can influence the entire leadership team.
  • Direct reports learn to hold their comments, finding it easier to just do what he wants.
  • Requests for input, when followed by strong statements of his own opinion (showing his mind is “already made up”), are deemed disingenuous and damage future dialogue.

The Arseth 360 Process

The Arseth 360 is conducted via interviews with peers, direct reports, supervisors, and others that the leader interacts with regularly. This provides an opportunity for the interviewer to further clarify the feedback, dig deeper to understand the impact of a particular behavior, and solicit specific recommendations to address areas of opportunity. A raw data report is created from the compilation of interviews, organized by response group. The comments in the raw data report are captured almost verbatim, so the tone of the feedback is evident.

The benefit to The Arseth 360 recipient is a level of understanding that is often missed in an online multi-rater tool.

An executive summary report is also provided that summarizes themes across response groups, and a meeting between the 360 recipient and interviewer is conducted to ensure a thorough understanding of the 360 feedback. Click here to read a sample report.

Who can benefit from The Arseth 360?

Any leader or manager looking for specific, actionable feedback can benefit from The Arseth 360 including senior executives and high-potential managers.

For high-potential employees, The Arseth 360 can help reveal specific nuances in behavior, including both strengths and areas for growth. With an online multi-rater tool, high-potentials often find that their scores are high or better than the norm, which can leave the impression they have no specific areas for development or with little motivation to change.

The Arseth 360 can also be conducted for executive leadership teams―providing feedback about an organization’s culture and collective areas of strength and areas of improvement. This feedback can be used to confirm, refine, or develop leadership competencies as well as identify further development needs for the organization.

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