Only 10% of training participants adopt new practices and behavior. When training is combined with coaching, application of new skills increases to 70%.

Team Coaching

In contrast to one-on-one (1:1) coaching, when a coach works with one individual, team coaching involves a coach working with a group of leaders in collaborative group sessions. Team coaching is recommended in situations when leaders need to work together to meet a goal or address an issue.

Common situations where team coaching can be helpful

Newly Formed Team - When a newly formed team desires to come together quickly and accelerate productivity.

Dysfunctional, or Less Than Optimal, Team - Whether a well-intentioned team that is operating in functional silos missing the opportunity to have a collective impact on the business, a team that lacks trust, or a team with dysfunctional behavior that impacts the organization and results as a whole, team coaching and development can help.

Organizational Challenges or Less-Than-Optimal Business Results - When a leadership team would benefit from working together to solve difficult business challenges by creating a forum to interrogate reality, have the difficult conversations necessary to make hard choices, and ultimately manage the business to a better place.

Organizational Change - When an organization is going through significant change like a restructuring, acquisition, or new product launch and would benefit from a unified leadership approach through a time of uncertainty and disruption.

Company Growth - To help leaders create a plan for engaging and empowering the organization when it is going through or planning for a period of growth.

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