Case Study

True Story: The Arseth 360

Asenior executive with a Fortune 100 company received feedback from his peers that his direct reports felt he was driving his organization very hard and this could potentially create negative consequences. He contacted Suzann Arseth, who suggested The Arseth 360.

Discover Truth

The process began with his request to his boss, peers, and direct reports to provide feedback to Suzann on his performance via The Arseth 360 interview process. From the feedback and insights gathered via The Arseth 360, he learned that he was respected universally and known for his high standards, strategic vision, and focus on performance improvement.

The feedback also confirmed what he had heard from his peers―that he was driving his people extremely hard.

He also learned that his direct reports struggled to prioritize their work because of the perception that all work was equally important. In addition, his direct reports were frustrated with his inconsistent involvement, poor meeting management, volatile tendencies, and lack of praise and warmth. And, because he was doing nothing to offset his highly demanding and intense style, people didn’t have the commitment to go the extra mile for him when needed.

Get Coached

Armed with this insight, he began by establishing clear priorities with each individual. He worked with his team to establish agreements about his level of involvement. With feedback that he frequently cancelled his one-on-one (1:1) meetings with direct reports, he made a commitment to scheduling and keeping these meetings. His effort to take corrective action opened up further dialogue with his direct reports, improving transparency and fostering trust.

Previously known for his intensity and infrequent use of humor, this new transparency helped to diffuse tension that his style had created in the past. Suzann facilitated a meeting with him and his team to establish team and organizational priorities. This opened up conversation about what was realistic and led to further clarification of roles and better accountability. Suzann also observed him deliver messages to his team and provided feedback about the times when he connected best with people. This helped him realize what he needed to do more often when speaking to groups and in other interpersonal interactions.

During this time, he met regularly with Suzann, who provided the accountability he needed to keep his development a top priority. Their work together helped him to identify other areas he could improve, including how he could better provide recognition to members of his team and the broader organization.

Lead Powerfully

Two years after he completed The Arseth 360, Suzann followed up with his direct reports. They indicated they had never seen such a dramatic change in behavior in a leader at such a senior level. They described him as less volatile with a sincere desire to improve, and found his newfound humility to be powerful.

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